Kidaware Certificate Program

The KidAware Certificate Program

The industry’s digital marketing training program designed specifically for the digital kids media ecosystem.

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Earn your KidAware certificate badge which allows anyone involved in kids’ digital content or marketing to demonstrate their knowledge of the regulations and earn a KidAware certificate.
A full briefing on COPPA, GDPR and the latest data privacy regulations governing kids in the UK, US and EU and beyond.
The ability to assess your digital kids marketing campaigns across all platforms for adherence to rules and best practice (including the latest advertising standards and data privacy restrictions).
Frameworks to evaluate partners, suppliers and technology providers for compliance with kids legislation.
Access to resources to keep your teams and clients up to date and protected with the changing rules and regulations in this sector.

Earning your KidAware Certificate is simple:

- Visit the KidAware portal at and register for an account.

- Either enroll in the KidAware Essentials online course, or request an in-person or virtual instructor-led course for you and your team.

- Once you feel comfortable with the material, take the 30-question multiple choice online test.

- After earning your badge, share your accomplishment on LinkedIn.

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