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With KidAware, you can achieve a complete understanding of data privacy and safety standards required to interact responsibly with kids online.

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What is KidAware?

KidAware is a training program that provides you and your teams the knowledge to navigate the compliance, regulation and industry standards of the digital kids landscape. You will discover all you need to know about how to engage with kids in compliance with COPPA, GDPR-K and more. We offer in-person and virtual instructor-led training sessions as well as a robust eLearning library of reference material.

In a digital landscape which is constantly changing, the challenges for brands and agencies to reach the kids audience safely and effectively has never been greater.
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Our KidAware training program is available to agencies, brands and publishers around the world.

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Designed for busy work schedules: 60-90 minutes + Q&A depending on size of audience.
Our KidAware certificate program provides learners with a credential validating their knowledge of the kids’ digital privacy space.
Earning a certificate will include access to our knowledge team for real-time advice on specific kids marketing questions.
"As the UK's number 1 specialist Youth Entertainment Media Agency, we have an obligation to protect the youth audience that we engage with. We are proud to receive the KidAware credential from SuperAwesome; as leaders in this field, they are clearly putting our audience first and proactively seeking to protect children's welfare online, something we know will resonate with our clients."

Jonathan Chambers - Director, Generation Media

Brands and agencies who are KidAware

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